Check this out!

Young Designers Network is a site that features video footage of Dutch graduate student work. These videos are great for getting inspiration and seeing what is happening in the young design world. Fashion, products, graphical, and environmental work can all be seen here.



MONDAY (October 13th)is the professional advisory board meeting, starting at 9:30 a.m.
This is an opportunity for STUDENTS to directly communicate with the administration.

It is open to the university…that means you.

A schedule of events throughout the day will be posted on the FAA blog
if you are interested in attending.

WEDNESDAY (October 15th) FAA is meeting to construct a float for the homecoming parade
at 4:00 p.m. in the Sculpture lab in the Applied Arts Building.

If you are interested in joining in the parade homecoming weekend (Saturday October 18)
and dressing up as an art superhero email Meg Thomas at for
all of the information.


Brandon and Cheyenne have been nominated for homecoming court. In order to win they
need to participate in a series of events this week. If you are interested in assisting our
nominees in the quest for the crown email Meg Thomas. A list of the events and “tasks” are
available at



October 3rd, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Sorry these are tardy, it’s my first time trying out the minutes as Coley was unable to attend the meeting on the 3rd.  Meeting happenings are as follows.

Student Advisory Board Meeting

  • how it went:  we spoke about studio spaces, incorporating writing, as well as documentation of work into current classes
  • there will be another meeting soon as well as the professional advisory board meeting on the 13th.

T-shirts will be here on Monday and the Logo Jerod is going to design and hopefully have by Monday.

Dues…pay them to Jen our new treasure.  They are 15dollars for the semester and 25 for the year.  Please pay them as soon as possible.

There is a play “ART” at the mabel tainter this Saturday as well as a performance by several sculpture students.  Marc volunteered to document at the later show.

Critique day on the 9th!  Meg is going to make posters.

Some ideas were brought up:  like  have a movie night, and advertise in the “art dorm”

Soap Factory Haunted Basement:  October 13th-Nov 2nd  Purchase tickets in advance.  We would like to try and make it to this as a group.  Still need to find a date that works.

More on Tshirts

  • meg and jerod are doing research on if we can do any printing in the GCM lab.  We will wait to do anything till we know more about facilities.
  • we would like to put together a pre odering system and would like the publicity team to create posters for the selling of tshirts

A Clean Poorly Lighted Space

  • Upcoming Exhibition is October 13th – October 31st.
  • Opening reception is October 17th.  PLEASE COME!!!!
  • Possibly a DJ with the help of Mark
  • YAY!

Website of the Week!


Plastique Fantastique is a German company that creates, as the website states, “tailor made environments.” A fan operates these giant plastic, playful bubbles which from many shapes. There have been installed in many European cities to hold events, exhibitions, and concerts. Maybe we can have them install one at Stout somewhere????

I really want to write an essay in this font…..

This beauty pageant font/illustration is sooo great. These abstracted pageant princesses make a strong statement about beauty and if it is maintained when the images are smudged into shapes.


image from

FAA Minutes – September 26th, 2008

FAA meeting Friday September 26, 2008


@ Raw Deal

Car Wash

We made about $127 which is pretty good considering the turnout

(and the competition in bikinis down the road).

A few pics are up in the blog.


The general consensus for the logo design is the devil logo with “UW-Stout” .

A final design has not been selected. That vote will take place next meeting.

Bring a design if you want. An email will be going out this week with the stipulations for the design as well as a copy of the blue devil logo. 

White shirts will be ordered asap. Feel free to donate white tshirts or tank tops. 

We’re looking into a lab on campus that would allow us to print many shirts fast. which would be awesome.

After a location is set, a date will be decided for production day.

Again, if anyone knows anything that would be helpful…speak speak please. 

Student advistory meeting***

There is a meeting coming up called the student advisory meeting.

The administrative body meets with student organizations and talks about issues or possible changes to be made in the department or institution. 

This means YOU can be heard!

The FAA will represent you at the meeting. Think about changes or issues that you would like discussed. Post your ideas on the blog so others can see and discuss it as well or email your thoughts to Jennie, Cheyenne, and/or Coley. 

(2 of these 3 will be representing FAA…email addresses are listed below)

The meeting is the 30th..that’s this Tuesday…so think and discuss!


Some things mentioned during the meeting:

-issues with the student gallery restrictions and perhaps a need for curating. 

-the improvement of studio spaces for studio majors (particularly painting)

There was also a brief explosive discussion of issues with the process lab “administration”. 

Work Share Day!! (unofficial title)


Room 310 in Applied Arts @ 6:00 pm

Bring in your work!! We will be meeting to look and talk about work. This is a tremendous opportunity to get feedback from a well rounded group and also interact with other people within the department. 

It will be very laid back, comfortable, and open. 

Wall space, tv, and projector are available for showing work. 

Update on A Clean Poorly Lighted Space

The gallery has gotten some proposals and work was accepted from Tim Abel (he’s on if you want to take a looksee)

The show will be in mid october.

More information on gallery involvement will be available as soon as it is available…


The new FAA treasurer is Jennifer Steindl.

All dues need to be paid directly to Jennifer. 

she can be contacted at

Also discussed:

FAA used to curate the end of the year show. 

The FAA will be looking into possibly curating a show in the student gallery or the like. 

A meeting with Sue Hunt will be in order. 

We discussed the curriculum requirements within the art department and some opinions were expressed regarding the amount of writing required (or not required) of art majors, such as artist statements. 

This is something that may be brought up at the student advisory meeting. 

Some are interested in setting up a day to photograph work and/or have instruction on how to photograph work. Anyone interested in getting this together is welcome to.