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anyone interested in…


March 7  @6:30-11pm

Minneapolis Convention Center

trackside tickets are $12 advance ($14 door)


FAA Does Chicago

Dates for the Chicago trip have been confirmed for Friday March 20. We will be leaving ultra early from Menomonie Friday morning and returning Saturday night. 

We will be staying overnight in a hostel. The current price for the hostel is $27.50 per person. The hostel is not able to be covered through funding and will need to be provided for by each participant. 

Details of the interary are being worked out and will be posted as soon as everything is confirmed. Ideas for activities and such are welcome. We will for sure be going to the contemporary art museum on Saturday and perhaps going out for a group dinner on Friday night. 


send your confirmation via email to

FAA minutes 2-6-09

Dates for a the trip to Chicago have been confirmed for Friday, March 20. We’ll be leaving early in the morning on Friday and returning Saturday night.

If you will be participating in this trip, please confirm your attendance by Friday February 20 via email to

please see the “Chicago Trip” blog for more information.

A Clean Poorly Lighted Space is hosting the opening reception for ‘PlaGMaDA: Selected Role Playing Game Maps 1979-2007’

The show features work by New York artist Timothy Hutchings. The exhibit will be open until March 2.

We are still looking into getting some guest speakers. Suggested speakers are: Ben Heywood from the Soap Factory in Minneapolis. Artists and/or administration from the Rochester Art Center and

A day trip to Minneapolis is also being tentatively planned for the NEAR future (before Chicago). Ideas are still welcome.
Suggested activities at the Walker Art Center: Exhibition of work by painter Elizabeth Peyton.
Performance by Ray Lee February 20 @7pm or February 21@ 2pm
Film viewing (films by Derek Jarman Feb 20-26)

2009 National Cheer and Dance Competition at the convention center February 20-22

Roller Derby at the convention center March 7.

Funding is available for activities and events. Please send suggestions to or post on the blog.

Again…email for questions about posting on the blog.

Get your SCHOOL PICTURE taken!!


Chicago Portfolio Review

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago hosts National Portfolio Day. 

What does this mean…

This is a tremendous opportunity to get your work reviewed. It is FREE to the PUBLIC…that means us. There are guidelines and suggestions for creating a portfolio to bring in on the SAIC website. Check these links for all the information and details.

This is an EXCEPTIONAL opportunity. You are given one on one time with professors (of your choice if you like) to talk to you about your work and artistic endeavors. The feedback is top quality. 

Some things to think about…

Faculty websites and work are available through the SAIC website. Researching these artists can help you determine who specifically would be most beneficial to engage with at the portfolio review. 

FAA is planning a trip to attend Portfolio Review next fall after the dates are released for next year.

This gives you plenty of time to be thinking about and preparing your portfolio. 

 Jenna Weiler attended the review in Chicago this month and has tons of great information about her experience. Feel free to post questions or comments if you have any questions or comments.


FAA meeting minutes 11.07.08

Friday, November 7, 2008 at 1:30 @ Raw Deal.

Proposals for funding have been submitted and we are awaiting approval. Funding has been requested for guest speakers, A Clean Poorly Lighted Space, and a trip to Chicago and Rochester for next spring. 

At this point, a trip to Chicago is likely to be planned for the end of spring semester 09. 

Jenna Weiler gave an informative talk about the portfolio review she attended lately in Chicago. The portfolio review is open to the public and it is exceptional in quality. Check the Chicago Portfolio Review post for more information and links. 

FAA is planning another trip to Chicago in the fall of 2009 to attend the portfolio review. This gives one ample time to think about attending and preparing a portfolio.

A Clean Poorly Lighted Space will host a movie showing. This involves playing a movie in the space accompanied by a curatorial statement. Candidates for the film included: Titanic and Jurassic Park. Jumanji was suggested at the meeting and was chosen as the film. 

Another Art Critique date has been set for Thursday December 4. This is conveniently before finals week. Get feedback on your work. This is a great way to be exposed to what’s happening among your peers and be able to interact with other areas of the department.

Spread the word, to make the critique turnout as dynamic and helpful as possible!

Always utilize classes and professors as outlets to communicate to the student body. Communication and community are very important!

School Portraits are scheduled for December 1,2,3 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) from 10am-3pm. Efforts are being made to acquire a background as well lighting equipment. If anyone has any serious know hows about set up please feel free to participate. 

This is being offered SCHOOL WIDE. People need to know about it. It is free. Hand outs and posters will be available in the advanced sculpture studio spaces in Coley’s desk by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Pick some up and spread it around. Again, tell classes.

Portable Terrane Opening Reception!!!