Chicago Portfolio Review

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago hosts National Portfolio Day. 

What does this mean…

This is a tremendous opportunity to get your work reviewed. It is FREE to the PUBLIC…that means us. There are guidelines and suggestions for creating a portfolio to bring in on the SAIC website. Check these links for all the information and details.

This is an EXCEPTIONAL opportunity. You are given one on one time with professors (of your choice if you like) to talk to you about your work and artistic endeavors. The feedback is top quality. 

Some things to think about…

Faculty websites and work are available through the SAIC website. Researching these artists can help you determine who specifically would be most beneficial to engage with at the portfolio review. 

FAA is planning a trip to attend Portfolio Review next fall after the dates are released for next year.

This gives you plenty of time to be thinking about and preparing your portfolio. 

 Jenna Weiler attended the review in Chicago this month and has tons of great information about her experience. Feel free to post questions or comments if you have any questions or comments.



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